Applied Social Research in the Philippines: Challenges and Opportunities

Applied social research is a method of conducting social research that aims to solve practical problems in society. In the Philippines, applied social research is important for addressing social issues such as poverty, educational and health inequalities, environmental degradation, and social exclusion, to name a few. One of the key challenges facing applied social research […]

3 Simple But Vital Tips to Protect Your Social Media Accounts from Hackers

Nowadays, social media is so crucial to businesses that keeping your accounts secure is imperative. Suppose we take even the most basic security precautions. In that case, it significantly reduces the likelihood that hackers will try to break in. What would happen if someone gained access to your accounts? It might have a disastrous impact […]

Climate Change and the Philippines – How Can We Help?

With the Philippines reeling from the effects of climate change, we are looking for ways to help the people in different communities. In a report released by the Asian Development Bank, it was found that climate change is responsible for about $1 million in damages to the Philippine economy every day. The damage is not […]

What Makes The Philippine Peso Worth Less?

“Twenty pesos na ‘tong isang pirasong sibuyas???”“Grabe 1k na agad ‘tong mga to!” —some of my thoughts as I look at my grocery basket. Some would also say “parang barya nalang ang 1k ngayon…” You might all relate to these statements as we feel our money is losing value while we experience rising prices of […]