Our Growing Partners


Orient Management Consultants (OMC)

Orient Management Consultants (OMC) is a Management Consulting firm providing innovative and creative inputs to social development agencies, corporations, government institutions and international organizations in the areas of research, training and organizational development. OMC responds to the challenges presented by the complex interplay of the various forces affecting global, regional and local developments. OMC also assists in the formulation of innovative and viable strategic plans and how these influence people, organizations, and communities.

Grupo Agatep

is a fully integrated and fully independent marketing communications agency that offers advertising, PR, digital, and events services.

Gibeon Consultancy Services

GCS is a pool of consultants, experts and dedicated researchers coming from various fields of specialization – from environmental/coastal resources management, education, health, marketing and information technology (IT) down to broad and specifics – natural resources management and social research and development.


Civika The idea of a transnational platform for leadership development and social innovation started out as a student project at  Harvard Kennedy School and was incubated at MIT’s D-Lab. Over the past years, the ideas and methods have been refined through a combination of leadership programs, development initiatives, and social laboratories in multiple sectors. Today the Civika Asian Development Academy works  with universities, government agencies, civil society organizations, and the private sector in supporting individual and institutional changemakers wanting to make a difference in Asia.