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Our Key Officer

Our Team

Roderick Y. Barro — President and Chief Executive Officer

“We are in a never-ending transformative process, and we seek to support organizations in managing the evolution of their success by building strong foundations and unique culture, combining data with technology and innovation as our major tools for change.” ~RYB

Eric is passionate about our clients and the power of our firm. He is ICI’s source of business acumen and love for the grassroots and those who less in life. He loves music — composes and sings; and an avid golf player too.


Our Team

Emmanuel Edrik T. Uytiepo — Executive Assistant to the President

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” ~Sun Tzu 

Edrik is the go-to guy of the president and assists in the day-to-day affairs of the chief executive officer. He is ICI’s bridge of communication and technology support. He is into biking, he does serious aquascaping, and collects/barters toycards.

Our Team
Our Team

Michelle G. Luciano — Chief Finance Officer

“A lot of hard work is hidden behind nice things.” ~Ralph Lauren

Mich is our expert in managing budget and expenses, financial audits, and banking. She is ICI’s recognized authority on financial reporting standards and performs financial accounting advisory and implementation, financial due diligence reviews, and structured transaction advisory, among others. She is an avid online gamers, likes to travel and watch movies, addicted to shopping, cartoon/anime fanatic and loves kawaii. 

Royce Genman S. Arellano — Project Management Unit Head

“We are in a most challenging time, yet providing limitless opportunities to nurture ourselves and enable businesses, but more importantly, make a difference in the lives of people around us.” ~RSA

Royce is our project implementor expert, and provides valuable insights and strategic direction to help accelerate completion of our projects, strengthen our regional teams with a focus on enhancing sustainable audit quality, ssrvice delivery transformation and building-up a digitally-supported and responsive monitoring and coordinating processes. Royce loves to use newest gadgets both for personal and work use, loves watching movies and reading books of various genre.

Our Team
Our Team

President V. Vargas — Bids Development and Relationship Management Head

“Reputo. Incipio. Fio. | Believe. Begin. Become.” ~PVV

Pres is our relationship builder, and scouts for prospective projects to engage. As such, he inspires people across agencies, sectors, and regions to drive good relationship. He is also committed to providing a nurturing environment where our clients and technical teams can develop and achieve their potential to the fullest while building better teams and networks. Pres loves to watch movies/TV series, drives leisurely, and does aquascaping as well.


Jose Aristeo D. de Luna — EVP for Operations, Enterprise Development and Innovation Unit (EDIU) Head

“Ang tunay na edukasyon ay hindi matatagpuan sa apat na sulok ng silid-aralan, manapa’y ditto lamang nagsisimula ang karunungan. Kailangan lumabas, makisalamuha, at makinig sa mga batayang sektor at mga walang tinig sa lipunan upang maging buo at ganap ang tunay na karunungan.” ~JDL

Jojo is a silent yet outgoing operator, and will do everything in his capacity to achieve company’s goals. He is ICI’s driver of growth and innovation. He is a seasoned photographer, coffee lover and food enthusiast. He indulges in various sports if time permits — scuba diving, trekking, and cycling.

Our Team